Why Choose Us?

We know how difficult it can be to find quality souvenirs and we strive to be your go to store for all of your souvenir seeds. Dank Seeds is a Michigan-based company that provides access to autoflowering, feminized and medical grade cannabis seeds. We offer FAST, Guaranteed Shipping on our Dank Seeds brand Orders received by 1 pm EST typically go out the same day! Most orders are received within 3 business days, the west coast may be 4-5 business days. *No guarantee that there will not be delays due to the holidays*

     ONLY the Dank Seeds brand seeds are Shippin’ from the Mitten, ALL other seeds are drop-shipped from overseas. Packages may be stopped at customs agencies upon arrival to your country, please check your local laws prior to purchase. Overseas breeders are currently unavailable, there is no ETA for restocks at this time. Sign up for our newsletter to find out first about which trade shows we will be attending, our latest promos and monthly coupon codes. All cannabis seeds are gifted as adult novelty souvenirs and are not to be germinated in states or countries where cannabis cultivation is prohibited by law. 

About Us

Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for checking out our site! We are just a couple of stoners who love the cannabis industry and are just trying to be our own boss. We live near Grand Rapids, MI with our five girls and two pitbulls. We have been growing god's herb forever and have had some adventures trying to get the strains we want. We have traveled hours to Canada to drive around looking for a seedbank, let me tell you, they hide them very well. We have lost hundreds of dollars by sending bitcoin to the wrong address. We have used bag beans and grown subpar plants. We have pretty much done it all and know how difficult it can be. Clones can be great, unless they have powdery mildew or mites. Also, who wants to grow the exact same thing as everyone else?? This is why we have started our own site, to give medical patients access to the genetics they need to live a better everyday life. If you live in a place where cultivating cannabis for medical or recreational purposes is illegal, dankseeds.org does not endorse the cultivation of the souvenirs we provide. They are for genetic preservation until your state or our country makes cannabis legal!